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3.2.1 macOS Release Notes

3.2.1 macOS Release Notes

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We are currently on version

Can you please provide a link/or explain the current available versions for the CB Defense Sensor, for how long are they going to be supported and until which OS release they will be supported?

We currently have all systems in macOS High Sierra and planning to upgrade to Mojave. I searched some KB and read that sensor 3.2.1.x is compatible with 10.13, and sensor 3.2.2.x is compatible with 10.13.2
Does this mean that once 10.13.3 is release we will have to jump to sensor 3.2.3.x?

If we could schedule a call to talk about this would be awesome.

Thank you

Hi @kain_centeno, thanks for the note and apologies for the delayed response! 

You can see the current available versions of the Cb Defense macOS Sensor by logging into the console, navigating to the Endpoints page, clicking on Sensor Options in the top right corner and selecting Download sensor kits. A modal will appear where you should be able to open the dropdown in the row for macOS to view all the available versions.

Our support policy can be found here and the list of supported operating system versions here.

The 3.2.x sensor is compatible with all versions of 10.13 and all versions of 10.14, including 10.14.1 and 10.14.2. We test every supported sensor version with every released macOS beta version and official OS version and we update the list of supported OS versions (link provided above) as soon as smoke tests have been completed.

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