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8.6.0 App Control Mac Agent Host Package Installer

8.6.0 App Control Mac Agent Host Package Installer

Attached is the 8.6.0 ( App Control Mac agent Host Package Installer.

The attached Host Package Installer allows this agent to be installed on CB Protection 8.1.4+ servers.  

Please visit the App Control Server 8.6.0 User Guide for more information about installing and upgrading agents with the Host Package Installer.

HPI Download

HPI.exe SHA-256: 4490fe2323e70a4e90cf7357efcd177c28356236ef31b65d48ee6214ef1e36df

NOTE: You need to be signed into the UEX to download the HPI. 



We have pushed this upgrade to some of our Big Sur Macs, and they seem to be reporting "Connected, health check has failed". Is anyone else having these issues?


Where can I get the dmg installer to install on a mac manually? I don't want to upload it to our server yet but would like to start testing on Big Sur.

@boo You can do this with the .BSX file found within the Host Package Installer. 

I also pushed this upgrade to one of our MacBook Air laptops and it's reporting "Connected, and the health check has failed".

Has anyone found and answer to this issue?

@dbradford @lloydj 
I haven't tried the upgrade but in an 8.5.2 Install, I was having this issue. 

The resolution was that Kext had to be manually allowed from the computer that I installed App Control Agent on.
Going into 
System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General

After clicking "Allow" and restarting the computer, and refreshing my app control server page
the health check failed issue went away. Hopefully this is the issue and it helps. 

If not, try rebuilding your kextcache

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