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8.7.0 App Control Windows Agent Host Package Installer

8.7.0 App Control Windows Agent Host Package Installer

Attached below is the 8.7.0 ( App Control Windows agent Host Package Installer.

The Host Package Installer allows this agent to be installed on CB App Control 8.1.4+ servers.  

Please see the release notes for more information.

WindowsHostPackageInstaller_8.7.0.372.exe SHA256: 





  • Depending on your CB App Control Server version, you may need to run the Certificate Installer before installing the 8.7.0 Windows agent.  You can see more information about the Certificate Installer here.  
  • For all new 8.1.4 and above installations and for upgrades that want the latest rules, a rules installer must also be uploaded to the server. 


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The SHA256 is for the .ZIP folder and not the .EXE.

Also, there is no hash published for the Linux agent, it skips this page and goes directly to the download link.

Please fix.

@LindenGR Thank you for pointing this out. I have updated both pages. 


If I have agents on 8.1.5, can I directly go to 8.7 or do I need to step up?

Is this the latest version even though the server is 8.8?  
I am unable to determine based on anything in this community. 

@mgoodacre - FYI - The Agent version is no longer dependent upon the Server version, as of 8.1.4

The latest Windows Agent is currently 8.7.2 - Here is the URL for the 8.x Repository, containing all you need...

Hope that helps!

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