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Announcing Availability of Carbon Black Response version 5.2.5

Announcing Availability of Carbon Black Response version 5.2.5

Hello All,

CB Response version 5.2.5 is now generally available for all customers. On-Prem Customers can grab the latest version from our YUM repository at the stable baseurl:

Upgrade instructions are included in the release notes here:

Cloud customers will receive this update as part of the standard cloud update process.

The Server/Sensor versions included in the this release are:


Windows Sensor:

OS X Sensor:

Linux Sensor:

This patch release contains primarily bug fixes and stability improvements. However, there is an important note with respect to the OS X Sensor.

  • There is a new OS X sensor included with this release that addresses the kernel panic mentioned here:
  • The system will no longer kernel panic on upgrade, but the upgrade may still fail due to a race condition (uncommon).
  • If the upgrade fails, the sensor will not be operational until the endpoint is rebooted.

For more details, please check out the release notes: . If you have any questions/concerns, please post back here or contact Carbon Black Technical Support following the standard process.

Thanks and have a Happy New Year!

Technical Product Manager - Cb Response


Are the issue numbers, eg CB-11663, listed somewhere on this site, or are they only internal? I was trying to find more information on the following note, but a search here turned up nothing for that name,

OS X Sensor (

  1. [NEW] Added support for OS X 10.12.1 version (CB-11663)

Our initial testing found a fairly ugly cosmetic blemish (prompt for o-tools installation) with the 5.2.4 sensor on macOS 10.12.1.  Not a big deal functionally but other groups in our IT organization already perceive CB software quality as a problem so it would have exacerbated their resistance to product deployment.  That sort of thing really needs to be caught in QA before release engineering ships the product!

The CB- numbers are not generally described in detail. Please let us know what additional information you would like on CB-11663.


Hi lbmcculley,

Please see this post for a fix to your issue. Announcing Availability of New Cb Response MacOS Sensor



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