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Announcing Availability of Cb Defense May ‘17 Update

Announcing Availability of Cb Defense May ‘17 Update


We’re happy to announce that the May update of Cb Defense has been rolled out to the majority of Cb Defense customers, with the remaining instances scheduled for an update during the week of June 5.

This update focuses on improving the usability of Cb Defense by providing customers with an all new user experience that enables succinct environment health checks and easier executive-level reporting. The new UX also gives hands-on users increased ability to understand the root cause of attacks and take the right action to remediate.

Here are the most significant functional improvements included in the May update of Cb Defense. For more detailed information about what’s included in this release, you can also view the Release Notes, the updated User Guide, or view the recording of last week's 35-minute customer webinar.

New Dashboard

The new Cb Defense dashboard is designed to speed users through their workflow. It arranges environment-wide data into categorized modules, making it easier than ever for users to understand the health of the entire environment.

Every number shown on the dashboard is now clickable, which takes users to a filtered search that shows only the alerts included in that specific vector and time frame.

This dashboard also makes it much easier to communicate information stakeholders inside their organization. With the click of a button users can export underlying data, either from the entire full dashboard or from a specific module, and instantly download it as a .CSV file.

Attack Visualization

Attack visualization provides a step-by-step interactive graphic of the attack. In addition, detailed origin and behavioral data is provided, so defenders can understand what occurred on the endpoint and why a Cb Defense alert was triggered. 

This single page gives new and sophisticated users what they need to understand the activity associated with a threat and enables them to take the right action to remediate.


Additional Enhancements

Along with those two very visible changes to Cb Defense, this update also includes a number of improvements that may not be instantly noticeable:

  • We’ve added two new pages to the main navigation: Preventions and Detections. These pages act as pre-filtered versions of the All Alerts page give you the ability to quickly view alerts based on whether or not the event was automatically prevented based on policy settings.
  • We’ve also added two links to the bottom of the navigation: What’s New and User Guide. These links give you direct, in-product access to helpful resources that will help you recognize and understand any significant changes we make to Cb Defense.
  • Finally, we’re releasing a brand new RESTful API that allows you to programmatically add devices to a policy.
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