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Announcing Availability of New Cb Response MacOS Sensor

Announcing Availability of New Cb Response MacOS Sensor

Hello All,

There is a new MacOS sensor (version available for download at the stable YUM baseURL:

  • You can install this sensor into your server using: yum install cb-osx-sensor
  • To make this new sensor available in the UI, you must follow the process to restart services for a single server or a cluster dependent on your configuration.

***This sensor version contains a fix for an O-tools related issue, which resulted in a prompt to install O-tools when installing or upgrading the sensor.

Please respond to this post with any questions/concerns, Thanks!


Technical Product Manager - Cb Response


I just tried to get the update from these two yum locations and both reported no updates.  We upgraded about 3 weeks ago to the early 5.2.5 version.  Should we use a different repo?



thanks, Ken

I am having the same problem, using the URL.

ksavitsky​ and rbergeron​,

You may need to first clear your Yum cache with the command "yum clean all". Then try the update command again with "yum update cb-osx-sensor".​  

Hi there,

I'd be interested to hear if the fix above worked to solve your issue.  As stated in the original announcement, I want to be sure you are using "yum install cb-osx-sensor" and not "yum update" or "yum upgrade".  Please post back with your results if possible.



Technical Product Manager - Cb Response

explicit installation did the trick. is the plan to merely maintain this package until another CB point release, or do we need to script installation of this for our server rebuilds going forward?

The updated command, "yum update cb-osx-sensor" did the trick for us.

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