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Announcing Cb Response Support for Windows Server 2016

Announcing Cb Response Support for Windows Server 2016

Hello All,

The Cb Response team is announcing sensor support for systems running Windows Server 2016. 

Cb Response Sensor versions 5.2.x and 6.x (currently in Controlled Distribution) are certified to support Server 2016 systems with Secure Boot Disabled. 

The Cb Response Release Engineering team is currently in the process of getting our sensor kernel drivers WHQL certified by Microsoft. Once this certification is complete, we will be compatible with systems where Secure Boot is enabled.

Please post back to the thread here with any questions/concerns.



Technical Product Manager – Cb Response


Can you confirm if any 5.2 version of the sensor compatible?  Or does it need to be a at a minimum patch level?

All 5.2 releases are compatible with W2k16.

I have the agent on a Server 2016 system..and it's reporting the OS as "WIndows 10 Server Server Standard, 64-bit"

I understand this is a very delayed response to @logan23's post, but I wanted to provide an ID for the issue with Server 2016 listing as Windows 10. The issue ID is CB-19010 and is still present in our most recent Windows sensor version. Once resolved, we will list the ID in our Sensor Release Notes.

is there any reason it's not listed as a known issues in the windows sensor release notes?

would be helpful to list any caveats like this there.

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