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Announcing General Availability of CB Protection Linux 7.4.0 Agent!

Announcing General Availability of CB Protection Linux 7.4.0 Agent!

The CB Protection team is pleased to announce the general availability of our 7.4.0 Linux Agent!

This release includes support for FIPS 140-2 and Paravirtualization. This v7.4.0 Linux agent no longer requires manual installation; however, you will need to have CB Protection Server 8.1.4 or above. Please visit the CB Protection Server 8.1.4 User Guide for more information about installing and upgrading agents under this new process.   

FIPS 140-2 Certification

FIPS 140-2 certification allows CB Protection to be deployed by federal agencies, including contracted service providers and other organizations requiring stringent security standards to protect sensitive information. This release adds support for FIPS compliant use with our server and Linux agent.

Paravirtualization Support

Paravirtualization allows Cb Protection to be deployed in environments utilizing Xen. This Type 1 Hypervisor enables organizations to scale their IT Infrastructure rapidly and with fewer resources. This release adds support for Linux agents to be deployed on virtualized machines (domU) connected to Type 1 Hypervisors (dom0).

This release also includes a security fix to address a vulnerability found within the product. More information about this vulnerability can be found in the following bulletin:

Lastly, the following improvement(s) have been made:

  • Performance, Stability & Reliability Improvements.

Associated files for this release can be found below:



The CB Linux Protection Team


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CarbonBlack needs to release a 7.4.0 Linux host package that can be installed on console servers below  8.4.1.  Fast.

Releasing a critical update for the Linux agent which can ONLY be installed on the hours-old new server release puts server admins between a rock and a hard place. 

With the new server release incorporating major changes, I'd really like a chance to read the sections of the 900+page User Guide called out in the change notes and server installation document.  Schedule some time with my DBA, do a trial install on my test CBP server, ensure good backups, etc.   

This level of preparation doesn't fit into the timeframe for remediating a critical vulnerability with consistent exploit code likely.



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