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Announcing General Availability of Cb Defense, Winter 2016 Release

Announcing General Availability of Cb Defense, Winter 2016 Release

We’re thrilled to announce that the Winter 2016 Release of Cb Defense is now Generally Available to all customers, partners, and prospects! It is available as of 12/5/2016.

We held a thorough early access program with a fantastic group of beta customers, and they but this new release through the ringer. They threw lots of different malware against it, tested deployment and installation, evaluated the performance on users’ desktop, and asked their users what they thought. Here’s some of what they had to say:

“Tested against a number of viruses and they all came up as blocked.”

“Have tested Cryptolocker and Locky — all blocked.”

“Notification is good, very simple for the user.”

“Haven’t run into any performance issues. All working very smoothly.”

What’s New In This Release

We’ve made a number of improvements to our prevention engine with this release so that Cb Defense will continue to stop more attacks than competitors, and we’ve also made it easier for customers to replace their legacy antivirus solution. Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

Enhanced prevention engine that stops attacks earlier and offers big improvements in offline protection

The core local prevention engine has been upgraded with a variety of technical enhancements that will stop more attacks earlier in the kill chain, while also offering big improvements in how Cb Defense prevents attacks while offline. These enhancements apply across the board: with reputation services, machine learning, predictive analytics, and signatures working together to achieve the best possible prevention capabilities.

Continued advancements in behavioral prevention to stop more attacks out-of-the-box

This release includes a number of advancements that help to stop some of the scariest emerging attacks — whether malware or non-malware. Updated policies and algorithms improve prevention for ransomware attacks, credential harvesting, powershell attacks, and Office attacks. We’ve also beefed up prevention for threats that use PDFs, JAR, and macros, based on the latest attack trends our threat research team is tracking across our customer base and the market at large.

Machine Learning-based detection via the Collective Defense Cloud

Our Collective Defense Cloud, where the intelligence and analytics that power Cb Defense lies, continues to be enhanced on a regular basis. With this release, Cb Defense is taking advantage of new cloud capabilities that analyze millions of attacks across Carbon Black’s entire customer base to improve behavioral detection and spot emerging threats. The Collective Defense Cloud also has new technologies that extract malware features & classify malware behavior, which feed Cb Defense’s endpoint prevention engine.

End-user notification of blocked attacks

Finally, Cb Defense has new capabilities to automatically alert end-users when an attack has been blocked. This creates a more intuitive experience for end-users and an easier overall experience for administrators.

How To Get It

Existing Cb Defense customers will receive an automatic back-end upgrade to Cb Defense, and you may choose how and when to upgrade sensors. Also check out the user guide and release notes.

Please note while this release is backward compatible with existing sensors, the Cb Defense 2.x sensor is not compatible with older versions of Windows, specifically Windows XP, Vista and 2003. See this note for further details.


If you have any questions about this release, please contact our technical support team and we’ll be happy to help!


Can you have an account executive contact me in regards to this product?

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We were part of the EAP. Our experience was disappointing. We ran into continuous issues with uploading & analysis. Despite spending lot of time troubleshooting with Support, there was no final resolution. There were major limitations & issues that were not resolved. Until they're resolved & product matures, it's not worth paying the extra licensing cost.

We’re so sorry you had this experience, and we take feedback like this very seriously at Carbon Black. We haven’t seen this with other customers and in fact what you described may be part of an entirely different product, but we would like to get to the bottom of what happened, so we’ve reached out directly and hope to discuss with you as soon as you are available.

Hi - I believe your feedback on the EAP you were involved in is about our Cb Inspection offering, rather than the Cb Defense GA which this post refers to.  I'd be happy to connect with you to get your feedback on Cb Inspection - I'm always looking to identify areas where we can improve the product and the experience.  Please reach out ( if you're interested in providing feedback on Inspection.


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