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Announcing General Availability of Cb Response 5.3.1

Announcing General Availability of Cb Response 5.3.1

Hello All,

Today, the Cb Response Team is announcing General Availability of version 5.3.1.  This version is considered a maintenance release focused primarily on stability, bug fixes, and overall product quality.  Please check out the   for details and upgrade instructions. However...

There is one additional detail we’re excited to share…

This release package contains a brand new Linux Sensor, version 5.2.8!  This is our first 5.2.x Linux Sensor generally available for all customers and dramatically improves performance and stability on RH and CentOS platforms.  Details on the new Linux Sensor are also covered in the .

We’re always looking for feedback. Grab the latest version and let us know what you think by posting back here.  If you encounter issues, please contact Cb Technical Support.

UPDATE: 5/24/2017 --

Hello all,

It was brought to my attention that as of the release of 6.1, we have changed our YUM repos.  This change was annotated in the release notes, but it's worth highlighting here to prevent confusion. 

If you are looking to upgrade/install 5.3.1, you need to ensure that YUM is pointed to our release repo at "baseurl=". 

If you have your repo set to "baseurl=" you will install/upgrade to 6.1.

Thanks and Happy Hunting,

The Cb Response Team

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Will the Linux Sensor 5.2.8 also be available with the CBER 6.x?

Hi Philip,

Yes, the 5.2.8 Linux sensor will be available with 6.x.  I don't have an exact date to give you, but we are working on packaging it with maintenance release 6.1.1 (hoping to deliver in two weeks).

If there is demand for it sooner, we can make the 5.2.8 Linux sensor available as a standalone RPM which can be manually installed into the server.

Please reply back with any further questions/comments/concerns.



Technical Product Manager - Cb Response

Hi, how can I confirm the version number? At the bottom of the console it says 6.1 after applying this upgrade.

Hey Justin, was 5.2.8 Linux sensor available as a standalone RPM ever made available?



Is there any target date of v5.3.1 removing from the URL
Will it be Nov,2020 (when 5.3.1 EOL) or Nov,2018 (when 5.3.1 enter extended)?

Thanks in advance.



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