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Announcing General Availability of Cb Response 6.1.1

Announcing General Availability of Cb Response 6.1.1

Hello All,

Today, the Cb Response Team is announcing General Availability of version 6.1.1.  This particular release contains critical fixes for UI components, Cb Live Response functionality, and improves server data ingest performance. In addition, this version is considered a maintenance release and includes additional fixes primarily on stability and overall product quality.  Please check out the   for details and upgrade instructions.

Important Note: As part of the 5.3.1 Release (details here: Announcing General Availability of Cb Response 5.3.1​) we announced availability of the 5.2.8 Linux Sensor.  The 6.1.1 Release Package will be the first 6.x series release to include the 5.2.8 Linux Sensor.

Feedback is always welcome and valued greatly.  Please reply back to the post with your thoughts/questions/comments etc.  If you encounter any issues, please contact Cb Technical Support.

Thanks and Happy Hunting,

The Cb Response Team



I see no update for v6.1.1  on Cb Response On-Prem Releases and Sensor Builds

Hi mariuszi​,

cmichaels​ added v6.1.1 this morning to that article, thanks!

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