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Announcing General Availability of Cb Response 6.1.2

Announcing General Availability of Cb Response 6.1.2

Hello All,

Today, the Cb Response Team is announcing General Availability of version 6.1.2.  First and foremost, this is a maintenance release focused primarily on bug fixes and improvements to overall product quality.  There are a couple of exciting changes that we would like to highlight as well:

  • We now index file extensions for filemods, regmods, modloads, and process path fields.  This allows for file extensions to be searched in an efficient way.
  • Watchlists are now EDITABLE! We know this has been a feature request for some time, and it's now available in the product! We're very interested in any feedback you may have on this feature.

Please check out the for more details.

Feedback is always welcome and valued greatly.  Please reply back to the post with your thoughts/questions/comments etc.  If you encounter any issues, please contact Cb Technical Support.

Thanks and Happy Hunting,

The Cb Response Team

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