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Announcing General Availability of the 8.7.2 VMware Carbon Black App Control Windows Agent

Announcing General Availability of the 8.7.2 VMware Carbon Black App Control Windows Agent

The Carbon Black team is pleased to announce the general availability of our 8.7.2 Windows Agent. Special thanks to the Carbon Black team for all of their hard work in the development and testing of this release.

VMware encourages customers to always update to the latest versions of VMware software to benefit from security and stability improvements.

Release Downloads & Documentation:

Documentation for all App Control releases are now stored in VMware Docs. This includes the User Guide, Operating Requirements Guide, SQL Server Configuration Guide, Server Installation Guide, Supported Integrations, Third-Party Dependencies, Events Guide, and the Release Notes. (App Control VMware Docs Home)

NOTE: You will be able to find release notes from previous releases on VMware Docs, but not the associated documentation mentioned above. 

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For this release, there are no 'Resolved Issues' or new features. If we are already on agent version 8.7.0, should we upgrade?

Edit: This agent upgrade fixed the console issue with the Trusted Certificate Interface not displaying. 

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I don't plan to upgrade and I'm just going to use the fix from their KB. 

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is there is any value to upgrade from 8.7.0 to 8.7.2 ?

Was the use of wildcard certificates for agent communication removed in this version or the one before?  We are getting invalid certificate errors after upgrading the agents to v8.7.2 and the server to v8.8.2.  v8.6.2 agents aren't affected.

I'm getting errors such as "Server certificate list has been stored but has been determined to be invalid", "Carbon Black App Control Agent is missing a keychain file", and "Carbon Black App Control Agent is missing a trusted certlist file" after upgrading to agent version 8.7.2.  Recently upgraded to server version 8.8.2 with agent version 8.6.2, then attempted to upgrade the agent to version 8.7.2.

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