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Announcing General Availability of the CB App Control 8.7.0 Windows Agent

Announcing General Availability of the CB App Control 8.7.0 Windows Agent

NOTE: The App Control team has identified an issue with the 8.7.0 Windows Host Package Installer, causing the new Trusted Certificate Interface in the 8.7.2 Server (introduced with the 8.7.0 Windows Agent) to not display.

To resolve this we have provided a new Windows 8.7.0 Host Package Installer download to apply to your App Control Server. Applying this HPI will enable the UI in the 8.7.2  Server as intended. No need to push it to additional agents.

For customers who would like to correct this issue without uploading a new HPI, you can follow the steps in this KB article to manually adjust server configurations to enable the Trusted Certificates UI.


The Carbon Black team is pleased to announce the general availability of our 8.7.0 Windows Agent. 

New features in this release include:

  • Support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 - We’ve added support for both of these new operating systems from Microsoft. For additional information please review our Operating System Support Page on the UeX.
  • Support for Instant Clones - While App Control has always supported vSphere’s Linked Clone technology, we did not have support for the newer Instant Clone tech. The 8.7 agent in tandem with the 8.7.2 server allows customers to quickly spin-up instant clones with the Windows agent already installed on them. 
  • Security Improvements - We’ve made improvements to communication between the Windows 8.7 agent and the server, making it more secure.

Please review the “What's New” section of the release notes for more information about changes in this release. 

Release Downloads & Documentation: 

Note: Due to technical difficulties with VMware Docs, the 8.7.0 release notes will be available only in .PDF format until the issues are resolved. All other release notes and associated App Control documentation is still available in VMware docs. Thank you for understanding.

Please see important links below: 



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