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Announcing General Availability of the CB App Control 8.7.4 Linux Agent!

Announcing General Availability of the CB App Control 8.7.4 Linux Agent!

The VMware Carbon Black App Control Team is pleased to announce the general availability of our 8.7.4 Linux Agent. This release now allows customers to specify a set of configuration properties by policy as it is possible on the Windows agent. This release also includes improvements that increase the stability, performance, and security of the agent. 

More information about specific changes can be found in the 8.7.4 release notes. 

Note: installing this new 8.7.4 agent may require you to first run the certificate installer. Please see the link below to see if this applies to you.

Release Downloads & Documentation: 

Documentation for all App Control releases are now stored in VMware Docs. This includes the User Guide, Operating Requirements Guide, SQL Server Configuration Guide, Server Installation Guide, Supported Integrations, Third-Party Dependencies, Events Guide, and the Release Notes. (App Control VMware Docs Home)

NOTE: You will be able to find release notes from previous releases on VMware Docs, but not the associated documentation mentioned above. 

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