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App Control 8.10 Server Releasing Soon!

App Control 8.10 Server Releasing Soon!

The highly anticipated 8.10 App Control Server release is arriving this Thursday, July 27th. There are many new and exciting updates in this release that we're excited to share with you. These features will all be highlighted in the release notes this Thursday, but we want to highlight an important change in the server customers should be aware of. 

Server UI Refresh

The server has been refreshed with a new visual look and feel. The refreshed server utilizes the same functionality as previous servers, but now has all new colors, icons, fonts, and logos. All console pages have been updated with a new responsive design allowing them to expand and compress to maximize the space of the browser window a page is being viewed in. In addition, server accessibility has been improved with keyboard-only navigation and screen reader support updates. With these enhancements, users will benefit from a more pleasurable and accessible user experience on App Control.

Please see screenshots of the new console and other notable UI changes below: 



All additional changes will be highlighted in detail in the release notes on Thursday. We hope this informational post helps customers better prepare for the UI changes coming in the 8.10 Server. 

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