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App Control MS Edge Rapid Config Released

App Control MS Edge Rapid Config Released

What is Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser, designed for Windows. 

Rapid Config Details

The Microsoft Edge Rapid Config approves updates to Microsoft Edge. If Microsoft makes changes to the update mechanism, you can make changes to the settings in the Rapid Config accordingly.  

When enabled, the default settings will:

  • Approve files written to: <programfilesx86>\microsoft\edgeupdate\download\*\microsoftedge*.exe if the files are written by the process <programfilesx86>\microsoft\edgeupdate\microsoftedgeupdate.exe
  • and the process is signed by publishers that begin with the word Microsoft.
  • These settings can be applied to all policies or specific policies.

This rapid config is now available via the SRS Cloud.

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Does <programfilesx86> cover program files on a 32-bit system or is this rule based on the presumption you only have 64-bit systems?

My understanding is the %programfiles(x86)% variable that I think this is based on only exists on 64-bit systems. So am I correct that we would have to append a <programfiles> rule to cover 32-bit systems or does App Control automatically redirect <programfilesx86> to c:\program files on a 32-bit system?

Hello @ajbeckwith this rapid config should work with 32 bit systems as:

<programfilesx86> expands to:
c:\program files (x86)\*
on 64 bit machines and
c:\program files\* on 32 bit

If this is not the case and it does not work, please let us know so we can remedy the rapid config. 

Thank you! 

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