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App Control Rules 1.16 Registry Script

App Control Rules 1.16 Registry Script

This script repairs a registry flag that can cause App Control server service to be deleted upon restarting. 

SHA-256: 4b2832fa83af4b3d2708ca7b4cbb8b79c6b79aaaadda46b5c750de92a6cecc9d

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You guys really need to start adding some context or documentation with these releases. This and the digicert post didn't have any information on the actual issue or who should be installing/running these things.

Hello All, the zip file contains a text file with the below contents. I do not see any script files. Can someone provide more details on what I am supposed to do with the below? Thanks! 


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Hello spen

I think the text file should be renamed to someThing.reg, you will be able to run it.

But no need of the script, just open regedit.msc, navigate to the paths you found in the text file and manually delete "DeleteFlag" if there.


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