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App Control Server 8.9.0, Windows App Control 8.8.0, and Rules 1.18 Released!

App Control Server 8.9.0, Windows App Control 8.8.0, and Rules 1.18 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the 8.8.0 Windows Agent, 8.9.0 App Control Server, and Rules 1.18 Installer. These new releases are PACKED with new features and enhancements, including the highly anticipated Content-Based Approval feature, a new granular approval mechanism that will allow users to write Yara rules to drive approvals and bans in their environment. Here's a quick break-down of the key new features:
8.9.0 Server Improvements:
  • Content-Based Inspection (Yara)
  • Updated Computer and Devices Page to Leverage API
  • Active Directory Re-Write
8.8.0 Windows Agent Improvements:
  • Content-Based Inspection (Yara)
  • Offloaded Data Support (ODX)
  • UPX Installers Now Detected
Rules 1.18 Improvements:
  • Added Rules For Windows File Path Case Sensitivity Blocking
  • Rapid Config to Protect VMware App Volume Locations
  • Added MS Team Directory to List of Default Approved Windows Store Locations
For more information about these releases please visit our Product Announcements on VMWare Docs where you can find downloads and release notes for all the aforementioned releases. 
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Where is the download link?


@sforkner - The download links can be found on the documentation page linked as Product Announcements in the Original Post. There is a separate entry for each of those products linked on the Documentation page

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