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App Control Server Release Announcement

App Control Server Release Announcement

IMPORTANT: Two issues found in the 8.7.0 server release


VMware Carbon Black has discovered two issues with the 8.7.0 server release of App Control that require your attention.

Customers who have already installed 8.7.0 server and have not run into problems may not experience problems. However, we do recommend installing the update as soon as it is available. 

Customers preparing to update to the 8.7.0 Server should halt any deployment plans and/or schedules around this release.


The two issues found in the 8.7.0 server release are as follows:

  1. A change to support Instant Clone VDIs is causing a backlog processing exception which in turns causes the Events table to fill up with millions of entries like “Error Processing host[hostId] ERROR_MESSAGE:Incorrect syntax near '-'
  2. A change to support customers with over 1 billion discovered files causes SQL server deadlocks

Who does this impact?

If you run an environment with VDIs you will likely run into issue #1.

Issue #2 can potentially impact anyone running the 8.7.0 server. If you run an environment with over 1 billion discovered files, you will definitely run into issue #2.



If you are currently running the 8.7.0 server and are experiencing the issue listed in #1. You can contact Support to acquire a script to fix the issue.

We are currently working on a fix for issue #2.

We are working on a maintenance release to address both issues. If you are currently running 8.7.0 we recommend you upgrade as soon as the new release is available.

Dates for a maintenance release are being determined.



Original Announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of several new versions of the App Control Server. 

This includes our 8.7.0 release and important updates for customers on 8.5.x and 8.6.x server versions. Please see below for important information about each release. 

8.7.0 Server Release

We are excited about the new features in this release which includes: 

  • Support for Instant Clones - While App Control has always supported vSphere’s Linked Clone technology, we did not have support for the newer Instant Clone tech. The 8.7 server (with the appropriate agent version) allows customers to quickly spin-up instant clones with the Windows agent already installed on them. 

NOTE: Full Instant Clone support will only be functional with a Windows 8.7.0 agent. We are expecting GA of this release by the end of September. 

  • Backlog Processing Improvements - Customers with a large number of endpoints connected to a server should see improved processing speed of data sent from the agent to the server thus reducing the load on the server. 
  • Security Improvements - We’ve made improvements to communication between the Windows 8.7 agent and the server, making it more secure.

NOTE: Certificate improvements will only be functional with a Windows 8.7.0 agent. We are expecting GA of this release by the end of September.

Please review the “New Features and Product Enhancements” section of the release notes for more information about changes in this release. 

8.6.4 Server & 8.5.12 Server Release

These versions include important updates from 8.7.0 to increase server performance for customers on 8.6.x and 8.5.x versions of the server. 

We understand there are customers on 8.5.x and 8.6.x versions of the server that may not immediately upgrade to 8.7.0, thus we decided to back-port this update from it.

VMware encourages customers to always update to the latest versions of VMware software to benefit from security and stability improvements.

Rules Installer 1.10 Release

In addition to the server releases, we’ve updated our Rules Installer as well which includes:

  • Updated Workspace One Rapid Config: Our Workspace One Rapid Config now approves updates from the Windows store automatically.
  • Sunburst/Solar Winds Rapid Config: We’ve included a new rapid config designed to look for and stop behavior similar to the Solar Winds/Sunburst supply chain breach.

Release Downloads & Documentation

Lastly, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the App Control VMware Docs Repository

Documentation for all App Control server releases starting with 8.7.0 will now be stored in VMware docs. This includes the User Guide, Operating Requirements Guide, SQL Server Configuration Guide, Server Installation Guide, Supported Integrations, and the Events Guide.

NOTE: You will be able to find previous versions of release notes prior to 8.7.0, but not associated documentation as mentioned above. 

Please see important links below: 

8.7.0 Server

8.6.4 Server

8.5.12 Server 

Rules 1.10

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