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App Control v1.12 Rules Installer Download

App Control v1.12 Rules Installer Download

Beginning with App Control 8.1.4, the rules that govern agent behavior have their own Rules Installer, separate from the CB App Control Server installation. As we make improvements to the rules, we can now make new versions available without requiring a server upgrade. New Rules Installers will be posted on the Carbon Black User Exchange.

Important: You must install at least version 8.1.4 App Control Server before using the Rules Installer.  The Rules Installer is not compatible with versions of the App Control Server prior to 8.1.4. Please see the “Uploading Agent Installer and Rules to the Server” chapter in the CB App Control 8.8.0 User Guide  for more details.

Customers who are performing a fresh (non-upgrade) installation of the CB App Control Server will need to install the Rules Installer before deploying agents.  For customers upgrading the CB App Control Server, we strongly recommend that you install the latest Rules Installer after the server upgrade.

The current version of the Rules Installer is version 1.12

The current Rules Installer can be downloaded here.

SHA256 of the RulesInstaller_1.12.9.21

SHA256: 2b59fbb1bf8666511c6872abff210a2cf0066f6143649a36e2f5b596cd070ddd

New and Modified Features in Release 1.12

The Carbon Black App Control Rules Installer 1.12 provides the following improvements and enhancements:

  • We Added MSEdge.exe to the list of Windows browsers.
  • We updated the Carbon Black EDR updater for Linux Sensor 7.1.0.
  • We added an anti-tamper rule that prevents unauthorized repairs of AppC agents. Note: This rule may cause a performance impact as a CC2 (Cache Consistency Check) will need to occur in order to ensure it is applied properly.

Known Issues and Limitations

No known issues at this time.

For more information, please see the Rules Installer v1.12 Release Notes and Rapid Config Guide


The notes mention a "performance impact" when the cache consistency check is done.

Is this a hit on the server or every endpoint?

Is this a one time impact as the rules are rolled out to the endpoints or will this cause a permanent reduction in performance?

Thanks for clarifying.

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