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Bit9 Security Platform v7.2.3 - Release Notes

Bit9 Security Platform v7.2.3 - Release Notes

Version: (Updated 3 August 2017)

Version 7.2.3 and older Release Notes

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Page 12 of the document lists new an update features of Bit9 7.2.2, I can only assume this is a copy paste error.

Thank you for the quick look. Actually it is accurate, that those features were added in v7.2.2. However, I can see it could be confusing. We will reword it. Thank you.

Thanks for the quick response, so does that mean these are the new features of Patch 5.

No, not at all. There are no new features in 7.2.3 Patch 5, those were added in 7.2.2, so we kept the information in the document.  This is a purely corrective content release. We always document the purpose of the release on page 2, under "Purpose of This Release" section.  You can see on page 8, what was added when we released 7.2.3 first version.

Hope this helps.

Still confused..... !!! what is a corrective release mean, where is the list of things that has been corrected in patch 5. This document contains all corrective content for patch 4 and below.

I am already on patch 4, so all i need to know is what is new and\or corrected in Patch 5.

Oh wow, so sorry. I do not blame you for being confused. The headline for the Patch 5 corrective content was cut-off. For some reason the PDF was not rendering properly.  I have reloaded the release notes document, hope that will correct it.

Again, apologies, should have opened the document.  Please let me know if this worked for you this time.

Thank you


Page 13:

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 17.08.33.jpg

I think what I'm hearing/seeing is that the "cumulative release notes" PDF format that Carbon Black (and previously Bit9) has historically used is not clear? Or at least not easily consumable?


Thank you Patrick. For some reason the first version of the document did not show the highlighted sections. I needed to re-upload it.

Thanks Kourken,

Now I can see the corrective content for patch 5. A small suggestion - move the details of 7.2.2 to the last pages after the details of 7.2.3 & patches(corrective content).

* Correction on p15. "...ports other than the default port (3124)." Should be "port (3142)".

Thank you - Corrected.


We will be upgrading from version to and was wondering if there will be any new files/processes created with the upgrade other than the ones listed below that we will need to exclude in our other endpoint products so they do not conflict with each other?

parity agent*


















The list you have looks correct. This is just patch level upgrade, no new files have been added.


Since Microsoft is switching to a WaaS (Windows as a Service) model, would it be possible to include what version of Windows 10 a patch will support up to?

It would make it a lot easier to understand due to the fact that all future versions of Windows will be called Creators Update but have different version numbers.

Yes, I agree that is what we need to do. Moving forward, we will make sure the versions are specified.  Thank you for the suggestion.

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