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CB EDR sensors & CB App Control agents: Windows desktop

CB EDR sensors & CB App Control agents: Windows desktop


Support information for each App Control Agent or EDR Sensor is published on VMware Docs as distinct OERs. This UEX page will no longer be updated.

Please use the links in the following table to go directly to the respective OER.

App Control Agent OERs on VMware Docs EDR Sensor OERs on VMware Docs
Windows Agent (on Windows Desktop) Windows Sensor (on Windows Desktop)
Windows Agent (on Windows Server) Windows Sensor (on Windows Server)
Windows Agent (Embedded) Windows Sensor (Embedded)
Linux Agent Linux Sensor
macOS Agent macOS Sensor

These Carbon Black Windows desktop sensors and agents are currently supported as Standard or Extended. Standard support includes maintenance releases and technical support. Extended provides technical support only.

For more information, see the CB EDR and CB App Control Product Support Policy and the Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status.

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Hi debjay​,

(1) Is the Cb Defense sensor  '2.01',  a typo for '2.0.1'?

(2) Please update list with Cb Defense sensor for 3.2.0 version.



Done, thank you.

debjay​ will the doc be updated for supported Microsoft OS's?

Hi all,

I just want to confirm that, does Cb Defense sensor 2.1.0 really support Windows 10 April 2018 Update, but not Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

I assume Windows 10 April 2018 Update is supported with 3.0.1 or later only.



Hi point of clarification, currently I have Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 7, and Windows XP machines in my environment on P7, will these be compatible with newly release version 8.1?

Is there somewhere I can find a list of what version numbers match each patch level? I have version but don't know what patch level that is.

Great question, please reference this doc for friendly names, 2621 is Patch 7

When was 8.0.0 build xxxx available, when was it released and what is its friendly patch name?

Why are all the CBR versions for Windows versions before the "Windows 10 October 2018 Update" up to version 6.1.9 and yet for "Windows 10 October 2018 Update", the version suddenly turns to v6.1.8+.

Is v6.1.9 not recommended for "Windows 10 October 2018 Update" yet then?

v6.1.9 is recommended for the Win10 October 2018 Update. This was a typo mistake on our part. Thanks!

@spandey Would it be possible to comment on the update that is made to the matrix? I am currently subscribed in UEX to this post for updates, but that only notifies you for comments.

For example, we missed that for Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Cb Protection was flipped from "In Progress" to " 8.1.0+" unless you can provide another method better receive the update/change. Thanks!

It would be great if there was a single downloadable file that contained the supported agent information for all operating systems.  

could you update the CbP version from 8.1.4 to 8.1.5 in the matrix? 

Good spot @chachu 

@djay or @gorlando  - Is this something you can amend please?


Updated matrix to include CBP 8.1.5

Cb Protection v8.1.8 released, please help update the table. thx 

Bump on updating this with latest versions of OSes and sensor versions.  Nearly every release document points to this thread as the source of truth.


Any plans for supporting Windows 10 2004?

@shyoon LTSB does have an underlying/ordinary Win 10 version (e.g. LTSB 2016 is Win 10 1607). Still, explicitly stating support of LTSB would be great. Anecdotally, if the Win 10 underlying version is supported, it seems to run & function. 

I saw that the servers agent's were updated to support 8.6.2 app control agent all the way back to Server 2003. Is that the same for Windows Desktop as well, the table just hasn't been updated at this point in time?

Also to make sure I'm reading this correctly, Windows XP can run the App Control agent 8.6.0 and still work as expected?

2021-07-29 15_18_12-CB EDR sensors & CB App Control agents_ Windows Se... - Carbon Black Community a.png

@tylerfleming Yes, you are reading the chart correctly. We still actively support XP with 8.6.0 / 8.6.2.

What is the meaning of "In Release Preview"


As of 1 March 2022, the support information for each App Control Agent or EDR Sensor is published on VMware Docs as distinct OERs. On the respective App Control or EDR documentation page on VMware Docs, you will see the Sensor or Agent OER documents grouped together.

Also of note: The pages related to CB EDR Sensors & CB App Control Agents will remain available but will no longer be updated.

We hope you find the continued consolidation and improvement of our Carbon Black content on VMware Docs beneficial.

Can someone point me in the direction of the current app control agent download? most of these posts are from 2018


I was just looking for them also and found them here:
New Release: App Control 8.9.2 Windows Agent (

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