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CB Protection Linux Agent Installer v7.4.4

CB Protection Linux Agent Installer v7.4.4

May 7, 2020 - CB Protection Linux Agent 7.4.4

Below you will find a link to 7.4.4 Linux Host Package Installer, upload this to your CB Protection Server and from there you can deploy 7.4.4 to your Linux agents!

Note: The 7.4.4 Host Package Installer can only be used in conjunction with the CB Protection server v8.1.4 or later.

The build: - Release

SHA-256 Hash: fb12ea65d939c2569e48333e9379ebe72e7750549431da4b2c2aa6195beb8d3a

Click here to download 

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I don't think the hash is right as it's not 64 digits.

@ibrown Looks like the hash listed is missing a character. I'm getting this:

@orda @da878t  Updated the file hash. 

The console cannot recognize this agent version. The install was successful but


shows: Linux Agent - Unknown - Enabled

anyone experienced this?

I cannot download the agent package from the provided link, with http error 403, any issue on the link?

@magnus  - I just checked and am able to reach the link without issue. Are you still having the issue?

I am also able to download w/out issue.  Can you try a different browser?

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