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CB Protection Mac Agent Installer v7.3.0

CB Protection Mac Agent Installer v7.3.0

May 30, 2019 - CB Protection Mac Agent 7.3.0 | Download here

This ZIP file contains the Mac host package installer and release notes - everything you need to deploy the CB Protection agent on Mac endpoints!

This Mac agent can only be used in conjunction with the CB Protection server v8.1.4 or later.

The build: - Release

SHA-256 Hashb391def73c6c272461d78d5da10853660bd06a77a8d6a2586c29202cc24c3ee8


There's a gap in the documentation: How to upgrade (as opposed to a fresh install) CbP for Mac agents to v.7.3.0?

  • The CbP for Mac agent release notes are silent on how to install or how to upgrade.

  • How to install documentation appears to have moved to the CbP user guide (pp. 137-138), but the user guide's section on "Upgrading CB Protection Agents" (pp 142-148) is entirely Windows-centric and makes no reference to upgrading Mac (or Linux) agents.

  • Neither document (Mac agent release notes or server user guide) contains any reference to "Bit9MacInstall.bsx" or "Bit9Agent.pkg". Both of these files continue to be available in the hostpkg folder, however.

Preferred fix: Please post the upgrade instructions here, and also update either the CbP for Mac release notes or CbP server user guide 


I assume that dropping the mac agent installer onto the new (in 8.1.4) "Update Agent/Rule Versions" page will install it. It certain seems to, but it runs for an hour+ without completing.

Has this worked for anyone else?

This was the lack of space issue. 13.1GB free on server C: drive was not enough. I moved some things around and got it up to 24.9GB free. The Windows agent install got down to about 15GB free before completing successfully.


So the issue is the backups of the existing agents requires a lot of temp space, and if the install fails there is no message on the console.

@mthakur Does dropping in the lastest Host Package Installer into the server not successfully upgrade the agent? 

I did get it working.

And your question was for mthakur... *doh!* My bad.


Uploading the CbP v7.3.0.36 Mac agent to the CbP Server does not, by itself, upgrade the existing CbP agents on Mac endpoints.

Previous versions of the CbP Mac release notes used to include instructions how to upgrade existing CbP agents on Mac endpoint, but these appear to have been deleted and not included anywhere else (e.g. User Guide is silent as well).




@i_smith  Good to hear! 

@mthakur Are automatic upgrades from the server not working properly for you? I can provide instruction on the "old way" of upgrading, but I would highly recommend the auto-upgrade first.

@ibrown Unfortunately, our managed environment does not permit automated updates of endpoint software. So I'm using JAMF Pro to package and deploy the new CbP agent to our Mac endpoints.

If you can post the CbP Mac agent upgrade instructions for all to see, that would be helpful. Please also ask the documentation team to include the upgrade instructions in future versions of the CbP Mac agent release notes and/or the CbP User Guide.

Thank you!



@mthakur You can find the manual upgrade instructions here:

Hope this helps! 

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