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CB Protection SQL Server Configuration v8.1.10

CB Protection SQL Server Configuration v8.1.10

June, 2020

CB Protection uses a single SQL database named “das”. This database will be created on the SQL server once you install the CB Protection Server.

This document describes some of SQL best practices as well as pre- and post-installation tasks that are necessary to ensure proper database operation.

Most of the database queries described in this document require sysadmin privileges on the SQL Server.

Important: This document is a supplement to the CB Protection Operating Environment Requirements document for your release, called the “OER” through most of this document. Information in the OER is necessary for successful completion of the tasks in this document, so you should have both documents with you when performing the tasks described here.

See the Comments below for changes in this version.

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Maintenance Release.  No content changes.  Updated frontmatter and version only.

This doco refers to using a number of recommended testing tools that no longer exist. ie, SQL performance test as per page 15. (SQLPerformanceTest.bat)

Please provide updated doco to reflect VMware's testing recommendations.


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