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CB Response 7.1 Operating Environment Requirements Guide (OER)

CB Response 7.1 Operating Environment Requirements Guide (OER)

Important: This document is being posted prior to general availability of this release. Please monitor the User Exchange for the official release date.

This document applies to all 7.1 versions.

This  content supercedes all previous OERs and applies to all 6.x and 7.x CB Response servers.

This document provides information about the operating environment requirements for deployments of CB Response, including disk and bandwidth requirements and supported operating systems. The document also includes guidance on the performance and scalability considerations (by number of endpoints), HA / DR recommendations, VDI support information, and data retention considerations.

See the Comments section below or the Change Log in the document for a summary of changes since the previous version.

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Change log for CB Response 7.1 Operating Environment Requirements Guide (changes since the 6.2 version)

This edition of the CB Response Operating Environment Requirements (OER) Guide is a major overhaul from the previous release. We recommend that you read it in its entirety for up-to-date requirements and recommendations.

> CB Response can support up to 18,750 sensors and/or up to 10.5 TB of process event data per server.

Can we attach more than 10.5TB disk space on a server for cold partitions? In other words, can we store more than 10.5TB events as cold partitions, as long as hot and warm partitions are under the 10.5TB limit? 

@tfunaki yes, you are correct- the OER only spec's out warm/hot storage. You can attach additional storage for Cold cores

Change log for CB Response 7.1 Operating Environment Requirements Guide - update from original April 2020 release.

July 22, 2020: Added CentOS 8.1 (64-bit) to recommended Event Forwarder operating systems.

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