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CB Response 7.1 Unified View User Guide

CB Response 7.1 Unified View User Guide

Important: This document is being posted prior to the general availability of this release. Please monitor the User Exchange for the release announcement.

This document applies to all 7.1 releases.

This document describes how to use CB Response Unified View. It assumes you are familiar with the CB Response software. This document includes the following:

  • An introduction to Unified View concepts, architecture, and terminology
  • Unified View server requirements, and instructions for installing and configuring Unified View
  • Cluster management tasks in Unified View
  • Description of multi-cluster and single-cluster operation in Unified View
  • User management tasks for Unified View
  • Configuration settings for CB Response Unified View server
  • Unified View actions you can perform on the command line

 See the Comments section below for changes to this document.

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Change log for CB Response 7.1 Unified View Guide (changes since the 7.0 version)

In the “Installing a Unified View Server” chapter, server requirements include EL8, and we updated the install procedure for EL8 servers.

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