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CB Response 7.2 Server Configuration (cb.conf) Guide

CB Response 7.2 Server Configuration (cb.conf) Guide

Important: This document is being posted prior to the general availability of the release. Please monitor the User Exchange for the official release.

This document applies to all 7.2 versions.

This document describes the contents of the cb.conf file, the primary configuration file for CB Response. By changing the values of parameters in cb.conf, you can change the behavior and performance of CB Response.

Before editing the cb.conf file, you should be sufficiently familiar with the features and operation of CB Response to decide about when and whether to change its configuration. For details about using CB Response, see the “CB Response User Guide”.

See the Comments section below for a brief summary of changes to this document since the previous edition.

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Change log for CB Response 7.2 Unified View Guide (changes since the 7.1 version)

  • Only minor corrections and editorial changes were made to this document. There is no technical content change since the latest 7.1 version.
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