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CB Response Sensors & CB Protection Agents: Linux

CB Response Sensors & CB Protection Agents: Linux


Support information for each App Control Agent or EDR Sensor is published on VMware Docs as distinct OERs. This UEX page will no longer be updated.

Please use the links in the following table to go directly to the respective OER.

App Control Agent OERs on VMware Docs EDR Sensor OERs on VMware Docs
Windows Agent (on Windows Desktop) Windows Sensor (on Windows Desktop)
Windows Agent (on Windows Server) Windows Sensor (on Windows Server)
Windows Agent (Embedded) Windows Sensor (Embedded)
Linux Agent Linux Sensor
macOS Agent macOS Sensor

These Carbon Black Linux Server sensors and agents are currently supported as Standard or Extended. Standard support includes maintenance releases and technical support. Extended provides technical support only.

For more information, see the CB Response and CB Protection Product Support Policy and the Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status.

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@dlbaker You can expect support for this OS/Kernel within the month of September. Please follow this page for more details as we close in on a release:


The CB Protection Team 

In August Update,  SuSE became a support OS.

Will this be reflected?

Hi support,


Can Cb response Sensor 6.2.1 fully support SUSE Linux now?



@tino yes CbR 6.2.1-lnx supports SUSE 12 (SP2, SP3, & SP4) as well as SUSE 15 (SP1). There are a few exceptions to what is supported via ebpf in the release documentation you might want to take a quick peek at.

Are they going to update to the table to reflect linux sensor v6.2.1 that is compatible with RHEL 7.7 and SUSE 8?

@hermancyrus We do support RHEL 7.7 on 6.2.1 (the chart is a bit confusing, but does indicate our Response 6.2.1-lnx sensor does support it). Also I think you mean RHEL 8, which 6.2.1 also supports. And 6.2.1 supports SUSE 12 (SP2, SP3, & SP4) as well as SUSE 15 (SP1).

Yes yes my mistake. too many coffees this morning :-)

@hermancyrus ha! I haven't had enough coffee today. Let me know if you have any other questions :)

Any update on support for newer version of Oracle RHCK (7.7 and 8.0)?  Seems odd that support for the same kernels on RHEL exists, but not for Oracle.  And Oracle RHCK is based on RHEL, or at least used to be.



@hhendrickson I'm working with the Protection team to do some major updates to this page. I'll be sure to include any relevant support for Oracle at that time also.

Aside from doing a "view source" on the page to get the last updated date, would you please post the date the table was last updated ?

Just curious if there is any work on an updated version of the CB Protect Agent that supports CentOS 7.7.1908 3.10.0-1062.9.1

My agent is showing a connection status of "Connected, Unprotected, Reboot Required".



@ralphdenning The team currently is testing this update we will update this page when they are complete. 

Can anyone provide an ETA on Kernel 4.18.0-147 support?  It's been out since last November and we aren't able to secure our newest CentOS server because of this.

@ffcu Support has been confirmed for 4.18.0-147.0.2. Our apologies for the delay. 

Any updates on the support for Ubuntu? 

@jlopez  We currently do not have any plans to support the Ubuntu on Linux Protection at this time. 

@ibrown  what about supporting CB response for ubuntu , its a long time asked request . 


thank you 

When will support for Redhat 7.8 be available?

Is there a timeline for when a CB-Response sensor will be released compatible with RHEL7 kernel 3.10.0-1127 please?

@rwatts For the Protection agent it will be available on in Early May 

Is there any chance to get Linux support matrix updated soon ?

@maksimx  What are you looking to have updated? 

@ibrownI was looking for support of RHEL7.8 and RHEL8.1 but I see that they are now. I also found error, version 6.1.x does not support RHEL7.7 - you can install it and it will work but it will not collect any info. At least in my case when all agents were upgraded since 5.x to latest 6.1.11. Only upgrade to 6.2.2 helps.


@ibrownIs there any news for RHEL 7.8 kernel 3.10.0-1127 ?

Any word on RHEL 7.8 (Kernel 3.10.0-1127) support for Cb Response?
The only thing I am finding is:



A minor release (RHEL 7.7 to 7.8)for Carbon Black Response has a target of 30 days from release of the new version.

RHEL 7.8 was released on 31 March 2020, which means 30 days was on 30 April 2020.   

Even Carbon Black Protection has an updated agent that will support RHEL 7.8 and they have a 60 day target window.  

The frustrating part for me is the lack of communication from Carbon Black regarding the status of the new version.  I don't mind it being late or delayed, but tell me why.  

@mackaveryAgreed, while I suspect that the delay is likely related to a combination of COVID-19 measures, the CB Threat Connect virtual conference and the VMWare buyout. It is certainly frustrating to have several of my higher value endpoints without monitoring. Linux support is already less than stellar (still no Debian/Ubuntu sensors). And, during CB Threat Connect, I couldn't help but feel that the on-prem versions of their products are being left to languish, in favor of development efforts for the Cloud products.

Any plans to support Vmware Photon OS?

is supported protection linux agent 7.4.2?     Centos 7.7( 3.10.0-1062.e17.x86_64 #1 SMP) 

Is this going to be updated to include App Control version 8.5? 

Any idea what version of Cb app control will be compatible with RHEL 7.9?  The support matrix above does not say, and 7.9 was released at the end of Sept.

@optimusprime723  We've also opened a Support Request around the RHEL 7.9 agent.

@optimusprime723 from support today (10/15/20)for Cb Protection agent.

Agent 8.5.2 will be out at the end of the month and support RHEL 7.9.


No mention of EDR linux sensor v7.0.1 in this document.  An update is required to reflect the recent release.



I would like to report that supported version of CB EDR (Response) sensor for CentOS 7.9 is not the 7.0.0 (as stated in the table), but the version 7.0.1. Please update the table according to this.


@m_giovanetti Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The table has been updated. 

For the RHEL 8.3 Kernel, is version 4.18.0-240 supported for the latest CbP agent?

Does anyone have a working solution for OL 6.10 -K4.1.12 CB response ? The Latest  CB agent v7.x is not supported on OL 6.10.

@vbulai Your best best is to install the compatible sensor version into your response server.  In this case, it will probably be the 6.1.10 response sensor.  If it's still there, you should be able to find it in this repo, however, depending on your Cb Response server version, it may/may not be supported.$basearch
per this link Repo List 

Why is the Oracle Linux OS not supported by the latest 7.x linux sensors? Is there any reason why it is not part of this support matrix?


@walt I would also like to see Debian support.  Surely this is just a matter of recompiling the code suitable for that distro?

@LindenGR Thank you for your request. While we would like to support Debian on App Control we are unable to support additional distributions due to the overhead. We are hoping in the future we can offer support for more flavors of Linux more easily. 

I see a reply on whether Ubuntu was going to be supported below, but the response is from 2018, any updated vision of when ubuntu might be supported


Any roadmap for supporting CB EDR through UEK-kernel?

Hi Team generally how long does it take for an updated linux agent to be officially released after kernel updates have been released, primarily RHEL.

does sensor version support SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 for SAP SP 5 (64-bit)/Kernel: 4.12.14-122.63-default

Are there any plans to integrate Application Control with Suse?

For Ubuntu 20.04 with kernel 5.4.+, can someone clarify what linux-headers-devel is referring to exactly? 


Refer to following page on Sensor Installation Guide:

Prerequisites for Linux 4.4+ Kernels for Linux Sensor Versions 2.10+ 


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