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Carbon Black App Control Operating Environment Requirements v8.5.0.pdf

Carbon Black App Control Operating Environment Requirements v8.5.0.pdf

Document Version: 1.0

Document Date: September, 2020

This document describes the hardware, software and site requirements for implementing a Carbon Black App Control Server 8.5.0 and Carbon Black App Control Windows agent installations. It is a requirements summary only.

For a successful server installation, you must use the document Carbon Black App Control 8.5.0 Server Installation Guide for detailed descriptions of installation procedures. 

For successful agent installations, you must use the instructions in the “Managing Computers” chapter of the document Carbon Black App Control 8.5.0 User Guide.

If there are any questions related to hardware and performance, please contact your Carbon Black technical representative after reviewing this document.

See the Comments below for changes in this version.

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Change log for Carbon Black App Control Operating Environment Requirements v8.5.0.pdf (changes since the 8.1.10 version):

  1. Updated Copyright content.
  2. Updated branding:
    The following changes are reflected in the User Interface and throughout the documentation:
    • CB Protection is now Carbon Black App Control.
    • CB Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) is now Carbon Black Cloud
    • CB Response is now Carbon Black EDR
    • CB Collective Cloud Defense is now Carbon Black File Reputation
  3. On page 3, in the table, App Control Database: Supported Server SQL Versions:
    • Added support for SQL Server 2019.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: Installation of the latest Cumulative Update is required.
      (This is due to new feature in SQL Server 2019, inlining scalar-valued user-defined functions, which causes major issues without the latest Cumulative Update.)
    • Under the Service Pack/Cululative Update column, changed all values to “Use latest.”
  4. On page 3, added a new table:  App Control Database: MS SQL Server Usage
  5. On page 7, under Notes on SQL Server Edition, SQL Server 2019 was added to the first bullet stating what versions must be used with over 20,000 endpoints.
  6. Minor editing and formatting changes were made that had no impact on content meaning.
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