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[Carbon Black Cloud] New macOS sensor file paths beginning in

[Carbon Black Cloud] New macOS sensor file paths beginning in


Supported sensor versions: and later
Supported OS versions: macOS 10.12 and later



In the macOS Carbon Black Cloud sensor release, we’ve updated the sensor’s file structure to align with additional notarization guidelines recommended by Apple. 

Pre- sensors kept all executables and resources at: /Applications/ introduces two main directories for where files are stored:

Sensor resources: /Library/Application Support/

Sensor executables: /Applications/VMware Carbon Black Cloud/


File path changes

Below is a table on where important sensor resources have been moved:

Old Location

New Location


/Applications/VMware Carbon Black Cloud/uninstall.bundle/Contents/MacOS/uninstall


/Applications/VMware Carbon Black Cloud/repmgr.bundle/Contents/MacOS/repmgr


/Applications/VMware Carbon Black Cloud/CBCloudUI.bundle/Contents/MacOS/CBCloudUI


/Applications/VMware Carbon Black Cloud/UnInstaller.bundle/Contents/MacOS/UnInstaller


/Applications/VMware Carbon Black Cloud/UpgradeHelper.bundle/Contents/MacOS/UpgradeHelper


/Library/Application\ Support/

/Applications/VMware\ Carbon\ Black\ Cloud/version


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Question : Is there a way to Abstract (go back to the Sensor executables path, or move it out of the Applications root folder?



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