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Carbon Black Cloud Windows Sensor v3.5.0.1523 Release Notes

Carbon Black Cloud Windows Sensor v3.5.0.1523 Release Notes

Carbon Black Cloud Windows Sensor v3.5.0.1523 Release Notes

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That's great it's ready for general release, when will PROD05 see it available?

Hi @habbald - This post should give you your answer, which looks like Feb 6th for Prod05...

The disabled malware services, removal of registry keys, and the sensor reporting the logged in user features are all very welcomed additions, thanks for that!

Does the DSEN-4143 fix allows us to remove the **\windows\servicing\**, **\$windows.~b\** Cb Defense rules?



Good to see it in a prod mode not beta.

Is there still a bug when downgrading from 3.5.x to 3.4.x that causes a BSOD after awhile if a host does not reboot? I saw that come up throughout the beta installations but didnt see it in the release notes, just wondering if it got fixed.

Does the sensor removal tool 3.5 still need to be done in Safe Mode, and does that still entail manually deleting 15 registry keys (like it did for Cb Defense




@aurele Yes it does, we had to remove 3.5 with the tool by going into safe mode then back to normal boot.

@aurele  please share the reg keys which should be removed .

@habbald thank you.  Carbon Black should provide a Cb Defense uninstall tool that does not rely on Windows Safe Mode or manually removing registry keys, especially considering Cb Defense does not offer protections while in Safe Mode.  @carbon black, what is the hold up?

@gregorin You just search for Confer, CbDefense, Ctifile, Ctinet, defense, etc:1.png2.png3.png4.png5.png6.png7.png8.png9.png10.png11.png12.png13.png14.png15.png16.png17.png18.png19.png20.png21.png22.png

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