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Carbon Black Cloud Windows sensor v3.4.0.1097

Carbon Black Cloud Windows sensor v3.4.0.1097

These release notes apply to Carbon Black Cloud Windows sensor version Only issues that have been fixed since the maintenance release version are included in these release notes. Known issues are maintained in this document, but are the same as the earlier version.


Hi CB!
Please kindly share URLs/docs where enriched details regarding below specified BUG IDs are published:


@PetrPoleshko are you looking for more detail than what is available in the PDF?

@esullivan , yes, please.

The information listed in PDF-version of the release notes is not enough to understand what exactly those bugs/issues are. If the information i requested is for CB internal use only - please confirm that.

For example, "In Windows sensor version, some Microsoft applications had slow performance":
- what exactly those Microsoft applications are?
- how exactly the performance degradation of those application was measured/increased (percentage, etc.)

@PetrPoleshko I don't believe any additional information will be available other than what is in the PDF, sorry.


@PetrPoleshko I had a similar question about the last release. I opened tickets for each of the issues and received prompt responses about each. Depending on the tech that you get...YMMV. 

@CBF ,

Thank you, Sir!
This is exactly what i have done after i understood that i wont get the answer i need here :)

@PetrPoleshko Would be so kind to post your questions and answers from the ticket you created? might save everyone some time. 

@menriquezPBS With all my respect, Sir, unfortunately, I was not authorized to share the information i received as part of CB Support Case. I'm afraid that CB logic here is to provide such the information only within official communication channels - Carbon Black Support Case :(

Hi @PetrPoleshko 

You are correct - Release Notes typically only contain a brief description of an issue so they can remain concise.

If you are affected by an issue listed in Release Notes, chance are you'll know it - either from Support case or from a KB article. The idea is you'd be looking for a specific ticked ID (e.g. DSEN-6757) to know whether the issue that impacts you is fixed in a particular release. 

If you are looking for more details on an issue, we provide those in KB articles (for most known issues that got reported as Support cases). You can search Knowledge Base for ticket ID associated with the issue or symptoms, error message, sensor version, etc. to find the applicable knowledge article. 

If you are not finding the information you are looking for, please open a case and we will provide further assistance as needed. 

Thank you. 

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