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Carbon Black Cloud sensor: Windows desktop support

Carbon Black Cloud sensor: Windows desktop support


Support information for each Carbon Black Cloud Sensor has moved to VMware Docs. This UEX page will no longer be updated.

Each sensor is a distinct OER on VMware Docs and the links are provided below: 




 About CB LiveOps, v3.4 is not supported?? V3.3 only??

When is the end of support for Win7?
At least Jan 2021 is required.

Same question as above, any ideas how long Win7 will be supported by CBD?

Any projected support for Windows 7 Embedded?

Any info on Windows 10 19H2 or 1909 update support status?

Our firm has ran across an issue with Windows 10 1909 and CB Cloud sensor version while testing our new 1909 VDI deployment. The issue occurs after installing the sensor on a brand new machine and then performing a reboot.  The system's event viewer has a "volmgr error" event and the pagefile is at maximum size.

After opening CB support case, I decided to do some more testing. Confirmed that this occurs even when performing a manual OS installation using the Win 10 1909 ISO. (no MS updates, no Office apps, no 3rd party software, no AD or GPOs - just the OOB Windows installation.)

This screenshot represents the observed pagefile size and that the system is using the default pagefile setting:Win1909_pagefile.png


Sensor version 3.4.x does not have this issue. The only way we have found to bypass the problem is to manually set the system pagefile size(which is weird) or use 3.4.x.

Side note: This is very frustrating. I feel like we are always beta testing this product. We love Bit9 (for the most, and we loved CB response. Kinda wishing we would have stuck with CB Response and glad we didn't drop Bit9.


Additional update - seems to affect Win 1809 editions (Workstation & Server)

Win 7 SP0 became EoL?

And why LiveOps of Win 10 FCU x86/CU x86 change status from 3.3+ to n/a?


CB LiveOps is only supported on x64 systems and NO x86 support have been made available from the very beginning.

I am not sure about Win7SP0, but never seen it been being supported at any time.


This capture is information of 2019 December

スクリーンショット 2020-05-26 10.00.38.png


Does the Carbon Black Cloud sensor support "LTSC(LTSB)" edition of Windows 10?

Would you please refer for LTSC(LTSB).



Takayuki SUZUKI



VMware Japan guy had given me the answer that the sensor supporting  "LTSC(LTSB)".

I would like to close my question. Thank you so much.



Takayuki SUZUKI



We are about to roll out CB Sensors to all WIndows and MAC laptops next week. I was looking for some quick answers on the following. 

  1. Does the CB Sensor deployment require Windows Defender to be deactivated? 
    1. If so does the installer automatically deactivate it?
  2. Does the CB Sensor deactivate Windows Firewall?
  3. Does the CB Sensor require and special ports to be open on a local Windows or MAC firewall

isnt workloads only for server OS, and not the various win 10 OS that is listed above?

There's note that says:

Note: Carbon Black does not support x86 architecture (Windows 32-bit) for Live Query in any sensor version because osquery does not support it.


However, "Audit and Remediation" listing does include x86 OSes as supported.

This should be fixed!

Team, do we have CB sensor supported over Windows XP. How can we protect customer desktop having Win XP OS

@ndhyani, XP support is already out of support, but if you still want install sensor to them, check out following KB;

Cb Defense: How To Download Legacy Sensor for Windows XP/Server 2003 

When will Windows 11 be supported? 

Hi @esullivan  - Why is Windows 10 21H2 showing as "In Release Preview"?

@vEdisonL30 sorry I don't know.

@gorlando any insight?

At this time, we have an intention of introducing the Carbon Black Cloud into our DaaS environment running Windows10 v1607(LTSB) .

We suppose that Carbon Black Cloud v3.6 would be supported by Windows10 v1607(LTSB), is that right?

We also wonder if Carbon Black Cloud v3.7 would be supported by the same version of Windows10(v1607(LTSB)) in the near future.

According to its lifecycle, end-of-life of Carbon Black Cloud v3.6 comes on March-2022.
Thus we have a concern of when its support would be ended(by Windows10).

Moreover, we have a difficulty in understanding the following description:

"for each supported operating system, Carbon Black also supports the Windows LTSC release branch for the listed sensor version."

Specifically, should we take it as that all operating system versions listed in the table also includes its LTSB and LTSC?

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