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Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status

Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status

The Carbon Black App Control Product Release Lifecycle policy is at Carbon Black App Control Product Release Lifecycle Policy 

The Carbon Black Cloud Product Release Lifecycle policy is at Carbon Black Cloud Support Policy

The Carbon Black EDR Product Release Lifecycle Policy is at Carbon Black EDR Product Support Lifecycle Policy

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The link at the top of the page  for the Product Support Lifecycle Policy is only for Cb P/Cb R - please consider adding a direct link to the policy for Cb D as well (



is there a link to download said sensors?


Looking to get the App Control release cycle information updated?  Looking for tentative futures over the next 6-12 months?



Does App Control still support Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7? Having trouble locating a EOL document for that.




Yes both are still supported operating systems for the latest agent version. You can find this information on the following page:

Hi Guys. Where can I get EOL and EOS for Cb App Control Agent?

Thanks in advance.