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Cb Defense Reputation Improvements

Cb Defense Reputation Improvements

What is changing?

Today, April 12, 2017, Carbon Black has improved our file reputation algorithm for the Cb Defense product, which will result in some improvements to reputation on files that may be in your environment.

It is important to note that file reputation evolves on a consistent basis in two ways: 1) More information regarding the file is aggregated from the world and 2) the algorithm that analyzes and makes determinations is iterated and made stronger.  This is the case among all systems of this type - as examples, Netflix constantly gets better at recommending movies and Amazon constantly gets better at recommending items to purchase. 

What is the potential impact of these changes?

Reputation is already a piece of your prevention rules and your rules will continue to execute as defined.

Who should you contact if an issue occurs?

Please contact Carbon Black Support directly or via if you suspect an issue.  The link provided will take you to our "Create a Case in The Community" post in the UeX.

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