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Cb Defense Sensor 2.0.4 Windows Release Notes.pdf

Cb Defense Sensor 2.0.4 Windows Release Notes.pdf

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I'm eager to be able to access to the new UI, some feature of this version are really excellent.

Thanks psk!  One small point of clarification: The Release Notes above apply only to the Cb Defense Sensor (the part of the product that runs on endpoint devices).  I suspect that the new UI that you speak of is part of the Cb Defense management console in the cloud, which will be rolled out (and documented) separately.  For more information about the new UI in the management console, reach out to your authorized support representative.  Thanks for using Cb Defense!


I was talking about new features in sensor which are not available until the next UI update (in policies for example)

CIT-10340 : Support for “Tries to invoke a command interpreter” policy option (target availability in Cb Defense management console: late-May 2017)

Ah!  Thanks for the clarification. Yes, you are right: The upcoming version of the management console will have this "Tries to invoke a command interpreter" function, and the 2.0.4 Sensor supports it.  Great stuff!

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