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Cb Defense Sensor 3.2 Windows Release Notes

Cb Defense Sensor 3.2 Windows Release Notes

Update 7/5: Based on issues with the automatic updates of signatures in the Windows sensor We have temporarily removed this version from the UI. A fixed version ( will be deployed today, 7/5 and will be available across all production environments.

Update 6/27: The team identified a regression in 3.2.0 that could cause the agent to not block a script file the first time its accessed.  Subsequent access was blocked properly.The ticket for the resolution is DSEN-2687 and we are targeting a fix in the 3.2.1 release, scheduled for early August

Update 6/27: Fixed a typo that wrongly indicated the above fix is scheduled for July. It is indeed scheduled for early August.

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What are the Release Schedules for this new Endpoint Version. 

shawnsmith850​ we have not finalized our release schedule to production urls, but we anticipate beginning to roll out next week.

A final schedule will be posted to the User Exchange once it becomes available.

Thank you sir. 

Can you provide any other security related documentation around the controls in place for the cloud detonation within Avira's infrastructure? While this is a nice state "Avira has implemented appropriate security and operational methods that are designed to secure the data, and will comply with all applicable data privacy laws when processing the data. The information will be processed by Avira in their US or EU data centers" some companies do not allow the software originating on their network to be uploaded to foreign based servers and/or those that don't comply with SOC, etc.

Hi cstamand​,

We are working on a knowledge base article that will help assist with these questions for the release.

Any update on the availability of this sensor? We are hoping some of the new issues we are seeing will be resolved with the deployment of 3.2.

Hi floki​,

Your should refer either of the following articles available for schedules:

Announcing the Release of Cb Defense Windows Sensor 3.2

Rolling Out the May ‘18 Release of Cb Defense



Perfect, thank you.

It's released

Can you comment on when you anticipate an updated release of the CbD sensor? There are several known issues w/ the new version that I'm hoping will be knocked out in the next update...

Very sorry, we anticipate the release to be early August.

Just to clarify...will there be a smaller release between now and early August that addresses any of the known bugs?

We have not scheduled a release before the August 3.2.1 release.

So the fix in July mentioned in DSEN-2687 fixing the wrongfully allowed script will not be occuring?

Terribly sorry.. that is a typo and should read August.

I would like to know that Installer I get from UI is right or not. So please tell us the hash.

The SHA256 of the 32 bit installer is 9123C9A57DA9DD6E988295451C7170F5677EC6E27C9C0EB007E2C5ACF30325AC

The SHA256 of the 64 bit installer is 5503FA5DF8FC25849B32DF972D579BB2757FD2BA7F13311DF7BD42DB36AA2B6E

This is for version

Thank you!

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