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Cb Defense September 2018 Release Notes



In the Resolved Issues section, we have the following entry:

EA-12560, DSER-9023 : Resolved an issue that led to dismiss for future to work incorrectly in some instances.

In the Known Issue section, we have the following entry:

DSER-10312 : “Dismiss alerts for future occurrences” may not be respected in some cases.

What is the difference between the two issues?

Thank you,


Hi haro

Great question!  The resolved issue centers more on grouped alerts, while the known issue centers on dismiss for future. In the first instance, we had added some validation around alert dismissals that inadvertently caused an issue where alert dismissals were not working correctly for grouped alerts.  If one alert had already been dismissed, you then enabled group alerts and that dismissed alert became grouped with other alerts that hadn't been dismissed, the others would not dismiss because one of the alerts in the same group had already been dismissed.  We fixed that issue and should have more clearly explained it in the release notes. 

For the second bug, DSER-10312, we're currently investigating and working on a fix.  The September, 0.40, release is beginning to go out now.  Once that release is out, we will include a fix for this issue in a patch release.  Please let me know if you have any other questions about either of these bugs or the release notes.

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Hi rugbymaycry

Whoops! We've corrected that typo. Thank you for letting us know about it.

Hi all, 

There was a typo in the release notes - originally these release notes claimed that auto-deletion of KNOWN_MALWARE was supported by the 3.2.2 macOS sensor. This feature has only just been supported on macOS with the March 27, 2019 release of the 3.3.1 sensor version.

The release notes have been updated with the correct macOS sensor version as of 04/04/2019.

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