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Cb Protection End Of Life Windows Server 2003 Support

Cb Protection End Of Life Windows Server 2003 Support

Updated: July 13, 2017

Since our initial announcement, we have received a lot of feedback that companies cannot yet transition off of Win2K3 and they rely on us to protect these endpoints. Based on this feedback we have decided to reverse course and continue to support of Win2K3.

We apologize for the angst that this may have caused you and appreciate the feedback you've provided. Your input is invaluable in making sure we meet your needs.

Based on the shrinking demand and the need for Cb Protection to invest in support for future operating systems we will be discontinuing support of Windows Server 2003 in 2018.

We will officially stop supporting Win2K3 on March 31, 2018.

What does this mean?

  • All releases shipped prior to 4/1/2018 will be validated against Win2k3
  • After 3/31/2018:
    • Hotfixes will no longer be provided
    • Technical Support will provide industry-standard effort to address questions and issues unless or until it is identified to be Win2K3 related

We noticed that your message listed CB Protection (formerly Bit9) and not CB Response (formerly just CB).  Will CB Response (formerly just CB) still be supported for Win2K3 server?  Also, will all Threat Indicator Feeds in CB Response be updated to reflect new threats for 2K3?  Only asking this questions because I'm not sure what you mean by Hot Fixes - are you referring to agent improvement and enhancement issues for Win2K3?

What about support for windows XP? Is that also being discontinued soon? Do you have a time table for most operating systems?

We will continue to support Windows XP.

I don't believe there are any changes to Cb Response Win2K3 support. However, the Product Manager for Response, jfalck​,​ will need to respond regarding Cb Response support.

Will there be any support plans for extended support?

Extended Support as far as defined in the original post above, with Technical Support providing industry-standard efforts to address questions and issues, however we will not be offering extended support for defect resolution. As an aside, we have not encountered any serious issues or even released any hotfixes specifically for W2k3 for years.


Even though the image may seem like I'm being sarcastic, I am not!  I am very glad for the reversal!

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