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Cb Protection Win 10 Fall Creators Update Notice

Cb Protection Win 10 Fall Creators Update Notice

Updated: October 23, 2017

We have finished our standard testing of Cb Protection 7.2.3 P6 and 8.0 P4 with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and are issuing an “all clear” with one caveat. We have not finished testing Cb Protection with the new OneDrive Files On-Demand feature which treats cloud files as if they are local (not requiring you to download them first).

Many of you are eager for support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update so we wanted to provide this information to you as soon as possible especially those who do not leverage OneDrive.

We are continuing to test the Files On-Demand feature and we will update this post when we have completed it.


Perfect timing tsmith​ my fellow admin mdecesere​ just asked about that yesterday.

He is going to think I have clout! hahaha

Just curious, with Insider Preview being available long before a build goes to Current Branch, is there a reason that this isn't being tested and verified BEFORE release to Current Branch? I understand that while in Insider Build things are liable to change, but as you get closer to release major code changes happen less and less...

Yes, we have tested with prior builds but we always need to test with the final release. There have been many times when OS companies have made last minute changes.

Any word on Cb Defense for the Fall Creators Update?

I have v3.0.2 installed and so far no problems on the  Fall Creator Update.  Have it on a couple test machines in production.


For possible additional context on how we go about validating new OS releases.

Platform Support Policy

Do we know if it's supported?

Is this for both x86 and x64?

Does the All-Clear include 8.0.0 P5?

Patch 5 was just pulled... Cb Protection 8.0 Patch 5 Performance Issue

Fall Creators Update does work with P5 however, as mentioned, it was pulled because of a perf issue. We are working on a hotfix now and will announce a release plan for P6 shortly.

Any update on the OneDrive issue?

We have done testing on the OnDemand feature of OneDrive and there are some incompatibilities. We are looking into this to determine what we need to do to be compatible. We do not yet have a release time frame for support of this feature.

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