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Cb Protection v8.0.0 - Operating Environment Requirements

Cb Protection v8.0.0 - Operating Environment Requirements

Software Version: Patch 7 (May 2018)

This document describes the hardware, software and site requirements for implementing a Cb Protection Server installation. It is a requirements summary only. For a successful server installation, you must use the Installing Cb Protection Server manual for detailed descriptions of installation procedures. For successful agent installations, you must use the instructions in the “Managing Computers” chapter of Using Cb Protection. If there are any questions related to hardware and performance, please contact your Carbon Black technical representative after reviewing this document.


Note: No technical changes have been made to the May 2018 version of this document. It has been updated to indicate the most recent release number and date only.


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khristine​, Page 11 mentions that the Server needs to make outbound connections on port 443, when in fact the Cb Collective Defense Cloud interface for Cb Protection servers continues to be, even in v8. This looks like a "find and replace gone wrong"! :-)


pvzandt-mac:~ pvanzandt$ nslookup



** server can't find NXDOMAIN

pvzandt-mac:~ pvanzandt$ nslookup





pvzandt-mac:~ pvanzandt$

Corrected. The new updated document is attached. Thank you Patrick.

Attempting to download leads to a font error upon opening. I had to view it and then print to PDF.


I also see an error when opening the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2017.009.20044 on macOS. Text of error:

The font 'Arial-BoldMT' contains bad /Widths.

Page 9 says "Recommended Flash card: Virident Flashmax II".

That card is near impossible to find as the whole Virident line has been EOL’d.

How about this card for under 3k?

Intel P3700 - solid state drive - 2 TB - PCI Express

3.0 x4 (NVMe)

mlarsen​ can you weigh in here?

The Intel P3k series (Fultondale) is one we've tested and well meets our specifications.  Others include the SanDisk (Formerly FusionIO) boards that are OEM'd by Cisco and HP.  The P3700 is a great card for the money.

Matt Larsen

CB Solutions Architect

Need to update page 5, for IIS 7.5, OS version should read Windows 2008 vice 2018.

Thanks mlarsen​ the card passes the new CBPTest Tool - Disk Performance Testing Tool​ with plenty of room for growth.

karoyan​ I would say that page 9 that describes disk requirements could benefit from a comment on Cache Memory on RAID controllers.

Somehow we ended up with a new server with a RAID controller without cache memory and it only hits 7% of our needs based on the CBPTest Tool - Disk Performance Testing Tool​ and the How to interpret the results.txt output from CBPTest​. Not a good place to save $400-500.


Lack the ability to give Kudos to PVZ or any others besides the original poster despite being logged in?

@bhicks I think that our previous platform supported kudos on documents, but the new (well new as of Oct 2018) platform does not.  My guess is that the kudos left on the comments above were there prior to our migration and were migrated over even though the ability to leave them on new platform isn't supported.

I looked at some recent documentation published, and see you can only kudo the original post and not the comments.

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