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Cb Protection v8.0.0 - Release Notes

Cb Protection v8.0.0 - Release Notes

Version: Patch 7 (Updated 10 May 2018)

The Cb Protection 8.0.0 Patch 7 Release Notes document provides information for users upgrading from previous versions as well as users new to the product. It has the following sections:

  • New and Modified Features – Provides a quick reference to the new and modified features introduced with this version.
  • Corrective Content – Describes issues resolved by this release as well as improvements in performance or behavior.
  • Known Issues and Limitations – Describes known issues or anomalies in this version.
  • Contacting Carbon Black Technical Support – Describes ways to contact Carbon Black Technical Support, and what information to have ready.
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Some of those known issues are pretty big, especially not being able to change the version of your OS and file tracking for the Win10 WIM. Is there a plan/ETA on getting that fixed? We are looking at upgrading from Win7 to Win10 in the near future.

Also, for issue 52456, the powershell rules being disabled, does 8.0 patch 3 do any Powershell analysis at all with those disabled?

52456 is a mistake in the Release Notes. That should not be in there. That was from a previous patch. Thanks

You can upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 with the agent in place, so I'm not sure why you think that is not possible. The key is that you do need to crawl and approve the Win 10 files in the WIM archive prior to performing the upgrade. This has been this way since 7.2.3.

"Except for certain upgrades to Windows 10, changing the major or minor version of any operating system with an agent in place is not supported, and doing so will produce health check failures and in some cases failure of the upgrade. If you need to upgrade your operating system or you see a health check failure that reports a mismatch between the agent and the build platform, contact Carbon Black Support for remediation recommendations. Service pack upgrades are fully supported and do not cause health check failures. To update an agent system to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition with the agent in place, see Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update on page 15. [33646]"

This makes it sound like going from Win7 to Win10 would cause some serious issues.

You're all set. Upgrading from Win 7 and Win 8 to Windows 10 anniversary edition without uninstalling the agent first is supported. So you can upgrade your endpoints to the 8.0 agent on your Windows 7 system and then upgrade to Windows 10. There's some info on this on page 15.

*** Attention *** Warning *** Known Issue ***

NONE of this mentioned in the release notes or install guide, I read them both start to finish, as I performed the upgrade my self.

I had did the upgrade and the executable told me I was successful.

Not true in my case.

I did get a success message but it attempted at the end to start my Server service did not stay running-started.

I tried to reboot, wait a minutes or two, and turn on and off the services repeatedly.

Nothing worked, it kept shutting the CB Server service off.

I attempted to log into console i was getting fatal error, with network connectivity cannot connect; was about the message.

I placed a call and they told me a rapid config did not install correctly, so they had to go into the SQL DAS and turn it on/off correctly and then run a clean up script in SQL.

Fixed the issue.

I had to send them a bit of information but he told me it was a known issue this thing happens, took about 1 hour to be completely fixed, form the moment I called.

So if your server/console not coming back on line. Might not be your fault and is a known to them, but not listed in documentation anywhere, a installer issue. Just give them a call immediately i waited an hour trying other things, all because the installer told me i was successful in my install.


I really wished I read this before I attempted the update.  As I am having the same issue too.

[2] 15:57:44 (6072 Main)                Loaded 1 AB Exclusion rule(s). Valid[1]

[3] 15:57:44 (6072 Main)                Loaded AB stat rule: File operations by

path, process, user and publisher [,FilePath,ProcessPath,ProcessName,UserName,Pu


[4] 15:57:44 (6072 Main)                Loaded AB stat rule: File operations by

publisher [,Publisher,Approved,Executed,Application]

[5] 15:57:44 (6072 Main)                Loaded AB stat rule: File operations by

process [,ProcessPath,ProcessName]

[6] 15:57:44 (6072 Main)                Loaded 3 AB Stat rule(s)

[7] 15:58:00 (6072 Main)                Creation of initial Updaters failed : Ra

pidConfig Script Processors has invalid parameter.

[8] 15:58:00 (6072 Main)                Failed to create initial Updaters.

[9] 15:58:00 (6072 Main)                Shutting down the server.

Thanks khristine​ and tsmith​ and all those sharing their experiences!

Upgrading tomorrow and I have documented all the discussions.


I Carbon Black looking into this Rapid Config issue and working on the next patch?

Thanks khristine​!

We are scheduling for the end of July.

Have there been any issues with Patch 7?

It seems quiet on the UeX so that is good.


We just upgraded to P7 couple of weeks back & have been rolling out agent updates. So far have not run into any issues..

Upgraded one of our consoles to P7 (from 6) and no issues.  Upgraded about 15% of our endpoints so far, and no issues there either.  Knock on wood.  Been about a month.

Thanks dpatel​!

It's this kind of feedback that makes the UeX indispensable!


Thanks jtm7x2​!

I appreciate fellow UeXers sharing results.

Rock on!


Hey khristine​,

Page 7 says:

I think that should read:


What happened that we have backtracked from Patch 7 (7 May 2018) to Patch 5 (28 September 2017) release notes?


I was looking for old release full installer so did a back track.

Best Regards

Sent from my iPhone

Thank you.  Just wanted to make sure.

Have a great one!

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