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Cb Protection v8.1.0 Events Guide

Cb Protection v8.1.0 Events Guide

Document Version: 8.1.0 (August 2018)

This document describes the events generated, tracked, and stored by Cb Protection, syslog output formats, and other ways you can access these events.


See the Comments below for changes in this version.


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Note: New and changed events are indicated directly in the table itself. The following is a summary only.

Change log for the August 2018 Cb Protection 8.1.0 GA Events Guide (changes since latest 8.0.0 version).

  1. Changes were made throughout the document to indicate consistency changes in capitalization of event subtypes.
  2. New event subtypes were added for the new file deletion feature.
  3. Changes to the LEEF integration documentation were made, primarily to update Cb Protection product and company name fields and indicate the minimum QRadar DSM version required for integration with this release.
  4. Other minor corrections and improvements were made.

I realize this was posted a while back, but is there a way to export/send the "command line" field to syslog? 

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