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Cb Response 6.2.2 Cloud Release Notes

Cb Response 6.2.2 Cloud Release Notes

The Cb Response 6.2.2 Cloud Release Notes document provides information for users upgrading from previous versions as well as users new to the product. It has the following sections:

  • New and Modified Features – Provides a quick reference to the new and modified features introduced with this version.
  • Corrective Content – Describes issues resolved by this release as well as improvements in performance or behavior.
  • Known Issues and Limitations – Describes known issues or anomalies in this version.
  • Contacting Carbon Black Technical Support – Describes ways to contact Carbon Black Technical Support, and what information to have ready.

Important:  If you are using SSO, be sure you have Version 3 (or later) of this document. Instructions for editing the SSO.conf file were modified after the previous version. Also, versions 1-3 indicated that these release notes applied to both cloud and server. Version 4 has been modified to apply to the cloud release only. Separate notes for the 6.2.2 server release will be posted shortly.

Hint: To scroll smoothly through the PDF embedded on this page, change the viewing option from Single Pages to Continuous.

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These release notes are being made available prior to availability of this release so that you may review new features and other relevant information. Please monitor the User eXchange for the official announcement of the availability of this release.

For Version 2, modified instructions for editing the encryption key section of SSO.conf to indicate that new lines should be added rather than replacing the section. If you are using SSO, this is change is necessary for compatibility with Cb Response 6.2.2.

Version 3 changes:

  • Modified the title to be clear that this is for both cloud and server.
  • Improved the description of required SSO.conf changes.
  • Updated the build number for the Windows sensor.

Version 4 changes:  Because addition material was found to be necessary for the Server (on-premises) version of the release notes, this document has been returned to its original focus on the Cb Response cloud release.

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