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Cb Response 6.2.3 & 6.2.4 Operating Environment Requirements (OER)

Cb Response 6.2.3 & 6.2.4 Operating Environment Requirements (OER)

Note:  This document applies to Cb Response versions 6.2.3 and 6.2.4.

This document provides information about the operating environment requirements for deployments of Cb Response, including disk and bandwidth requirements and supported operating systems. The document also includes guidance on the performance and scalability considerations (by number of endpoints), HA / DR recommendations, VDI support information, and data retention considerations.

 See the Comments section below or the Change Log in the document for a brief summary of changes to this document since the previous version.

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Change log for the November 2018 Cb Response OER (applies to v6.2.3 and v6.2.4):

  1. Updated the supported OS versions for the server (item 2 in "Appendix A. FAQs").
  2. The document has been reformatted and other minor typographic and style corrections have been made.

Can you please put the release notes on a single page that has a running list.  PDFs for release notes are lame.

Hello - This is the most recent version of the  CB Response Operating Environment Requirements  I could find.  Do these still apply to Server 6.5? 

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