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Cb Response 6.2.3 & 6.2.4 Server / Cluster Management Guide

Cb Response 6.2.3 & 6.2.4 Server / Cluster Management Guide

The Cb Response Server/Cluster Management Guide explains how to manage Cb Response servers and clusters. It includes the following topics:

  • Server Overview – Provides an overview of the Cb Response server technology stack, daemons, configuration, and logs.
  • Installing the Cb Response Server – Explains how to install/initialize a new Cb Response server, as well as how to upgrade, troubleshoot, and uninstall the server.
  • Server Backup and Restoration – Explains how to perform various backup and restore procedures.
  • Ports and Protocols – Provides a collection of tables that detail port and protocol information for several different server communications.
  • Installing a Cb Response Cluster – Introduces Cb Response clusters and explains how to configure clusters, add minions to existing clusters, remove minion nodes from clusters, and upgrade cluster nodes
  • Using CBCLUSTER as a Non-Root User – Describes how to use the CBCLUSTER command as a non-root user.


See the Comments section for changes to this document since the previous version.

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Change log for the November 2018 Cb Response 6.2.3  & 6.2.4 Server / Cluster Management Guide:

  1. In the "Removing Minions" section, corrected the name of the relevant configuration file to /etc/cb/cluster.conf.
  2. Also in the "Removing Minions section, changed the removal instructions to show the full path to the cbcluster command (/usr/share/cb/cbcluster ), which is required unless the user first changes to the /usr/share/cb directory.
  3. Relabeled the document to apply to both v6.2.3 and v6.2.4. Note that none of the changes in the November 2018 version of the document are due to any technical change in the product, and they apply equally to both versions.


Additional change added to August 13, 2018, update:

  1. In the "Configuration Restore" section of the "Server Backup and Restoration" chapter, updated a for acquiring a new server token to include the path to the correct version of python (/usr/share/cb/virtualenv/bin/python). Using "python" alone in this step will point to the wrong python version and cause the command to fail.

Change log for the August 2018 Cb Response 6.2.3 Server / Cluster Management Guide:

  1. Modified the "List of Tasks" section to appear in alphabetical rather than page order.
  2. In the “Installing a Cb Response Server” chapter, added a caution note indicating that the home directory of the cb service account must be /var/cb. Otherwise, critical files will not be found during upgrade.
  3. In the “Installing a Cb Response Server” chapter, edited the “Upgrading Cluster Nodes” section to describe new behavior in the cbcluster start and cbupgrade commands related to the presence of RPMNEW files.
  4. In the “Installing a Cb Response Server” chapter, edited the “Upgrading Cluster Nodes” section to indicate that “iptables” has been replaced by “firewall” for this release in the cbcheck command, and the relevant cb.conf setting has also been changed to “ManageFirewall”.
  5. In the “Installing a Cb Response Server” chapter, edited the “To install and initialize a new server” procedure to show a new yum baseurl and correct the syntax for the RPM license filename.
  6. Other minor corrections and improvements were also made.
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