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[Cb Response] Announcing General Availability of Windows Sensor v5.3.4 and macOS Sensor 5.2.12

[Cb Response] Announcing General Availability of Windows Sensor v5.3.4 and macOS Sensor 5.2.12

Hello all,

Today, the Cb Response Team is announcing General Availability of the 5.3.4 Windows and 5.2.12 macOS sensors.  These sensor releases are primarily maintenance releases focused on bug fixes and stability improvements.

***Important Note: The 5.2.12 macOS sensor provides a workaround for the issue identified here: [Cb Response] Important Notice Related to MacOS 10.13.2 Beta.

We have added a safeguard into our 5.2.12 MacOS sensors (which supports MacOS 10.13.0 - 10.13.1) to prevent kernel panics if systems are upgraded to 10.13.2 Beta. This will prevent loading of Cb Response kernel extensions on MacOS 10.13.2 meaning that you will not have visibility into the activities on those systems. Full support for MacOS 10.13.2 will be included in a future MacOS sensor release.

For more details, please check out the release notes here:

Installing new sensors --- To install the sensors into your server, run through the following instructions:

1) Ensure your yum repo is set appropriately

2) Run yum install --downloadonly --downloaddir=<local directory to download the package into> <package>

  • <package> is replaced by cb-sensor- or cb-osx-sensor

3) Run rpm -i --force <package downloaded> (for example: cb-sensor- Then:

  • On 5.x servers -- Restart services
  • On 6.x servers -- Run /usr/share/cb/cbcheck sensor-builds --update

Your new sensor versions should now be available via the console. If you have any issues, please contact Carbon Black Technical Support.


The Cb Response Team

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What's the difference between this sensor release and v6.1.2 release for Windows and MacOS published in this link [Cb Response] Announcing General Availability of 6.1.2 Windows and 6.1.2 macOS Sensors


Two different release streams (Cb Response 5.x versus Cb Response 6.x).


To expand on the above a bit, there are multiple release streams of Cb Response that are receiving updates. Details here: Carbon Black Product Release Lifecycle Status

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