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Cb Response: Call for Participants - Windows Sensor Early Access Program

Cb Response: Call for Participants - Windows Sensor Early Access Program

Hello All,

The Cb Response team is looking for on-prem customers to partner with us on an Early Access Program (EAP) for our latest Cb Response Windows Sensor, version 6.1.0 (Note: Cloud customers will be addressed separately).

This sensor introduces the ability to collect IPv6 network connections (when used with a version 6.1.1 Server or later) and addresses a number of rarely encountered but critical bugs including:

  • Fixes for GPO uninstall/upgrade issues
  • Multiple kernel stability fixes
  • A fix for a known memory leak

This sensor version also includes a number of other quality and performance improvements.

If you have interest in participating, please contact me at with your contact information and organization’s name.  I’ll respond with additional information related to the EAP and set up a quick call with you to discuss.

***Important Note: Our early access programs are limited in scope, not all customers who show interest will be able to participate.  Please reply ASAP if you’re interested.


Justin Falck

Technical Product Manager - Cb Response

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I’m Interested.

I am interested in this early realease/test

Jeremy Dome

IT Infrastructure Manager

1199 S. Beltline Rd, STE 105

Coppell, TX 75019

Office: 972.755.3731 Ext 998

Direct: 469.240.5787<><>

When you start testing the Mac sensors, I'm interested in helping.


Can someone provide a little background on this item: "Fixes for GPO uninstall/upgrade issues"? What are the symptoms of this issue?

Hi athena​,

The GPO uninstall/upgrade issues center around installing via .exe and then upgrading via .msi or vice versa.  If you try to do this using previous versions of the windows sensor, it's possible that the upgrade will fail and/or you will end up with duplicate or "orphaned" entries in the Add/Remove Programs dialog.  These extra entries shouldn't be anything more than an annoyance.  If you end up with an extra entry in Add/Remove Programs, you should be able to remove it as normal. If you encounter issues, there are steps we can provide to ensure it is removed.

Let me know if you'd like to participate in the EAP, or if you have any follow on questions. Thanks!


Technical Product Manager, Cb Response

Very helpful. Thanks for the follow up.

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